The Sapphires  Film/ director: Wayne Blair Outback Australia in the late 1990’s, and Irish entertainer, Dave Lovelace is working in an old pub as an MC. A trio of Indigenous women sing country tunes in a pub competition to a room full of racist locals who don’t show any form of respect while the girls play. […]

Cranes  By Hwang Sunwon The story “Cranes is about two boyhood friends that have been placed on opposite sides of a violent conflict in Korea. Tokchae has been captured and Songsam a police officer in a small village along the 38th parallel, is escorting him to a new location. As the men walk, Songsam cant […]

I intend to write a descriptive piece of writing about Barcelona, Spain. I have used lots of figurative language and have used senses that have appealed to the reader. It is an early summer morning, the delicate warm breeze swoops through the narrow streets of Barcelona. The glowing medallion rises high from the sea into […]

Main idea is normally in the first sentence of each paragraph PARIS: Raining Grey Narrow streets Bakeries Day Long streets Enclosed streets – narrow Umbrellas of trees Small cars         Classical music playing Church bells Swallows scratching in the sky History everywhere (architecture) Early morning fresh smells of bread from bakeries (use the french words) […]

“The Sniper”  Liam O’Flaherty                                                                                                      Short […]

Book review – I am Malala I recently read the autobiography “I Am Malala”. Malala is a world changer, she was born in Pakistan, Migora and is a Pashtun from birth. Malala had many interviews and debates  and had been given the change to talk against the Taliban. She was speaking out and saying the […]

Rape and assault are not tolerated in any civilised society. All around the world girls are being raped and some murdered or married off as child brides as we speak, affecting close to a billion women and girls. Gender based violence, including sexual violence is being inflicted on women and girls in epidemic proportions. Different cultures […]

Immigration Driss a senegalese immigrant contrast between rich and poor segregation how do very different people can be friends and change each others lives for the good This was a true story which I enjoyed very much. The Intouchbles, a dramatic, humorous film about a paralysed man who hires a young senegalese man to be […]

Discuss how the author uses language techniques to develop the main character and how this character helps you understand one or more themes or ideas. The 2003 published novel, The Kite Runner, written by Khaled Hosseini is a remarkable novel based on the life in Afghanistan portrayed through the eyes of a young afghan boy […]

To Kill A Mockingbird  By Harper Lee Novel Ella James In “To Kill A Mockingbird” a black man is wrongly accused of rape of a white girl, he had no chance of justice in that society. Atticus Finch defended him and the story is told through the eyes of his young daughter, Scout. There are […]