Book review – I am Malala

I recently read the autobiography “I Am Malala”. Malala is a world changer, she was born in Pakistan, Migora and is a Pashtun from birth. Malala had many interviews and debates  and had been given the change to talk against the Taliban. She was speaking out and saying the only thing she want is for girls to have the right to learn, have a good education, and grow to be whatever they want to be. 

The Taliban where hearing about what she was saying and she became a big target. They followed her on her way from school and shot her in the skull, so close to her brain that no one thought she would survive. She spent a long time in hospital and finally got back to school, and her teacher had informed her that she won a Nobel prize. She was invited to talk to the whole school as well as the UN. 

Malala is still in news channels and gives speeches and interviews. She is such a strong young woman and had become a world changer.

I find it amazing how a child can have the courage to speak up against such a powerful group, especially when her future is so unpredictable. This autobiography really spoke out to me as Malala became the youngest Nobel Prize winner. 

This young activist has fought an inspirational battle for girls education rights in Pakistan. Malala’s unwavering support for the important principals of democracy and freedom has inspired many people. She has also become a prime target for radical extremists and terrorist groups and put her life in jeopardy. And thats what makes the book an autobiography. Its so compelling. Its a brave girls tale in an unsafe country, it reveals her fierce determination to make the world a better place. I found this autobiography very inspiring, and a lesson I found from it is that if you really want to do something, you can, even with hurdles along your way. 

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