• Immigration Driss a senegalese immigrant
  • contrast between rich and poor
  • segregation
  • how do very different people can be friends and change each others lives for the good

This was a true story which I enjoyed very much. The Intouchbles, a dramatic, humorous film about a paralysed man who hires a young senegalese man to be his live-in care taker. From 2 different worlds, they connect and develop a friendship, and the viewers go on a journey with the characters and see how both of them change into better men.

They both have been effected in a positive way by each other, an example of this; at the start of the movie Driss goes to beat up the man who parked in Phillips drive way. The way that we know that he changed is at the end of the film the exact same scene occurred, however Driss politely asked the man to move. This appealed to me because It personally made me feel good, going through the journey with the characters and noticing that change in the end.

I enjoyed the setting of Paris and Phillips home, which contrasts with the poor environment of Driss. In New Zealand we don’t see as much racism and segregation as we saw in France, the director portrayed different parts of Paris where the upper class and lower class live. Driss walks into his new room in Phillips house, he is in awe as to how big and amazing it is, being so used to sharing a small apartment with many children and other family members, through his facial expressions and excited emotions, it shows how he has never experienced living in such an upperclass home.

This text connects to me personally as I to am living with a family member who is in a wheelchair so I was able to connect with their emotions. Seeing Driss looking after Philip constantly being positive and making him laugh, helps me to learn more about how to be around with my family member, and by giving love and support.
I found this film interesting to see an African character as I to have African background, and it was great to see how some people live in other countries compared to us in New Zealand.
I found it quite interesting to see an African character from Senegal, as I also have African background, so it was great to see how other people live.

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