15th February 2019

Trident, Frankie Boyle

  1. ““Our greatest fear is that we die alone – which is why I intend t take quite a few people with me”And it would be funnier.. if I didn’t constitute Britains actual policy on defence.”” Franky boil is referring to the trident Nuclear weapons program that was estimated to cost around 41 Billion.

He is trying to make a point that it’s a really ridiculous amount of money to spend on nuclear weapons when Britain is going through a down fall and economy is low, this money could have been spent on things like education and health.

2. “What is the British way of life? What do we value?… Watching strangers bake;” Boil is saying that the common thing for British to do is watch bake offs instead of focusing on the real world and having morals and values. The fact that a British bake off is the most popular tv program, shows that the British don’t value the 

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